Nabraj Lama

Analyst, Strategist, Entrepreneur


Nabraj Lama is a strategic thinker, analyst, and coach. He provides counseling, helps with strategic planning, carries monitoring and evaluation, and represents a person or organization in negotiation. He is currently serving as a consultant to individual, team, and business organizations. He has worked with different national and international organizations. Among them working with The World Bank Nepal, Employment Fund, Heifer International Nepal, Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University; and Siddhartha Connecting Inc. at the national level and internationally, working with India China Institute (ICI), The New School University and Department of Anthropology, Durham University is an extension in his career.



Working with Perfection

Monitoring & Evaluation

Among others, the success of a business is based on understanding the progress/change of action at different intervals before it reaches the end. In order to understand the changes it is crucial to monitor and


In the era of globalization, it is almost impossible to exist and progress alone. Collaboration and partnership are almost inevitable. And professional negotiation is a must for equitable sharing of both profit and loss during

Strategic Planing

People understand the value of planning, but strategic planning is a must in the competitive market. The resource is always scare and it is the responsibility of the management team of every business entity to


Counseling is a collaborative effort between the client and me to overcome his/her problem/issue/confusion. I assist clients to convert the problem into an opportunity. I have experienced many incidences where a single piece of information